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Armonización de ondas electromagnéticas de frecuencia media y alta hasta 1 GHz

emGuarde offers you state of art protection against electromagnetic noise radiation 24/7. Designed to reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic noise radiation emitted from devices all around you.

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    8 meters of defense

    emGuarde utilizes harmonic frequencies to effectively suppress targeted electromagnetic noise radiation between 3MHz to 1000MHz within a 4-meter radius. This harmonizing method achieves a balanced atmosphere while preserving the natural ambient frequencies.

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    Silent protection

    This patented technology achieves a balanced atmosphere and a harmonious environment by suppressing targeted electromagnetic noise radiation disturbances, at the same time can effectively suppressing the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

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    Patented technology

    The multiple layering of harmonic frequencies is strategically programmed to target specific frequencies at 36MHz, 72MHz, 108MHz, 144MHz, 180MHz and more.

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    No WIFI interruption

    emGuarde does not interfere with any telecommunication signals across the entire frequency's spectrum and can be used in moving vehicles as long as the correct adaptor specification (single output 5V 2A-6A) is used.

emGuarde Change Your Environment, Change Your Life

Cover Range

emGuarde covers a range of 4 meters radius or 8 meters diameter

Conecte Y Use

The emGuarde requires no maintenance

Long life span

With proper care, the emGuarde has a minimum of 5 years of lifespan


2 years

emGuarde in action

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emGuarde OFF

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emGuarde ON

Especificaciones Del Producto

Model: EM001
Voltage: (V) Dc 5V (single output voltage)
Input: (A) 2A-6A (single USB port)
Coverage: (m) 4 meter radius / 8 meter diameter
Power: (W) 0.5
Net weight: (g) 430
Dimensiones: (mm) 200 x 100 x 50
Facilidad de Uso: Completamente automática, muy simple de operar.
Garantía: (años) 2
Certificaciones SGS Certified CE Compliance
SGS Certified FCC Compliance
SGS Certified RoHS Compliance
Test report School of Pharmaceutical Sciences