Enagic Proudly Introduces the E8PA Resort and Training Center Facility Pass!

Yet again, another DIFFERENCE about the company YOU belong to; ENAGIC! Our very own exclusive members-only Resort and Training Facility in Okinawa, Japan. Imagine how much YOU'LL enjoy a few days relaxing here, training here, playing golf here, lounging in the hot spa here, and making GREAT friends here!

So it's time to get you E8PA (ENAGIC 8 Prosperity Association) member's card. Hop in soon! You'll receive discounts based on the card level you buy and it's good for one year so you KNOW you'll be heading to gorgeous Okinawa to discover the REAL story behind ENAGIC within that year.

As with ENAGIC, there's a commission attributable toward your own purchase of the E8PA card (you buy it under yourself) and what's more, it counts to build your volume (counts just like a device!). Yep, if you're a 3A, you'll earn 3 commission points on YOUR purchase of the E8PA card. And the system is pass up meaning if team partners in your organization purchase their E8PA are and you (gasp!) don't have yours, you get PASSED UP! We are NOT gonna let that happen, right?