Fun. Easy. Powerful. The System for your Business

Marketing your Enagic products doesn't have to be intimidating, expensive or time-consuming.
The official Enagic Web System makes it easy.
Get Lots of Value!

EWS is a quality program designed to fit your business. It has every resource you need to market your Enagic products to your prospects with high-end high quality, visually attractive tools. This is more than just another website.

Get Support.

Receive Live Chat and personal assistance 11 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Join a Community.

Be a part of the largest Kangen Water® business community.

Your Enagic Official Marketing Tools

You will have access to dynamic websites designed for your specific business needs that will make an impact on your audience. Create and manage your online identity through a personalized domain. You will also be able to educate your team and potential prospects about the benefits of Kangen Water®.
Prospecting Tools

that will assist you as you make your database grow

Create advertising campaigns

for your upcoming events.

Build beautiful emails

with easy-to-use templates.

Follow your statistics

and get a smart look at your business.

Business Training Library

full access of video and audio

Product Education Resources

for you and your prospects such as ebooks, slideshows, software and more.

Fast and friendly support

You are not on this alone! We know learning to market and build a business can be overwhelming sometimes. This is why we provide you with the best team that will guide you anytime you have questions or need assistance with your EWS platform.
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We want to help you with any kind of assistance you may need on your journey as an Enagic Distributor. If you choose to be a part of the EWS family we will provide:

  1. Email, live-chat and phone assistance, 11 hours a day, weekdays. Our staff will answer all your questions in a fast, friendly way.
  2. Knowledgebase blog, where you can look for and find the must frequently asked questions from people in our community. You can access the posts and learn to perform everyday tasks on your EWS account.
  3. Training and education, both from our Marketing Team, Technical Support Team and members of our Community. Learn tips, product information and motivation from our Video Blog and our True Health Webinars.