Machine Service Request

Fill out the following form to submit your machine service request.

This data *MUST MATCH* what we have on record for your distributorship.

Customer Shipping Info

If using KleanInstall docking station, please remove it prior to sending the machine in for service. If it is not removed, Enagic is not responsible for loss or damages.

Bank Information for Direct Deposit

Please note that the account holder and the distributor name must be identical. (Exception: account of spouse)

  ie: AL35 2021 1109 0000 0000 0123 4567
Distributor Info
Please note:
  • Commission pay out for direct sales is issued within 10 business days, for indirect sales within 10 business days.
  • Outstanding Commission for clients who paid off their unit in installments (pay-off-commission) is issued within 20 business days after pay off.
  • Please note that the time of receipt of payment in your account depends on your bank.

Commission Inquiry

• If you haven't submitted your bank information or want to update, please register it here
• If you haven't submitted the Distributor Agreement or a copy of your ID, please fill out the form (under 2. Provisions and Agreements) and send it to [email protected] or your registered office

Good Samaritan/Tokurei Credit Request

Please note that your request will take at least 2 business days to process.

This data *MUST MATCH* what we have on record for your distributorship.

The Good Samaritan/Tokurei Program is available for those who would like to join the company and work as a distributor while accumulating credit to purchase a machine. Good Samaritan/Tokurei distributors are welcome to request their accumulated credit amount here.

If you have a question regarding the payments for your machine, please contact the Finance Department at (310) 532-4262. For Canada distributors, please contact the Canada branch at (604) 214-0067.